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ESS is an expert in liquid waste management, sanitation, and hygiene services, providing services to government agencies and businesses across a wide range of industries and locations. We partner with our clients to create safer, cleaner, and more sustainable environments for everyone.

  • Solutions

    Portable toilets and
    on-site services


    Designed to optimize hygiene, privacy, and convenience, with ability to service in a range of locations. The basic option is the way to go when you need an economical portable toilet with comfortable amenities.


    Providing an eco-friendly solution, ideal for a wide range of locations, including areas with limited power connectivity. Solar toilets include a ventilation fan, automatic lighting, sink with running water, and are available in sitting and squatting models.


    Designed for users with special needs, including additional space for wheelchair access. Accessible toilets are available with or without solar capabilities.

    High Rise

    Compact design to accommodate narrow spaces in construction sites, including high-rise projects.

  • Solutions

    Customized container facilities

    ESS can provide customized solutions designed to suit your requirements and site constraints, with a range of eco-friendly calibrations, and utilizing a range of materials to blend harmoniously into the surrounding environment. We can also provide solutions tailored for locations which are not accessible by trucks.

    • Tailor made
    • Customized size
    • Sewage holding tank
    • Fresh water tank
    • Solar energy system
    • Air ventilation and lighting
    • Plumbing connection
    • Electricity connection
    • Ground preparation
    • Fresh water supply service
    • Sewage desludging service
  • Solutions

    Liquid waste management

    Sewage desludging service

    We provide sewage desludging services to collect and dispose of waste from drains and septic tanks for residential, commercial, industrial, and government clients. Our servicing team is highly skilled and has the capability to provide both scheduled servicing and emergency response.

    Muddy water desludging services

    We provide services to dispose of muddy water from sites, helping our clients to boost on-site productivity and improve the site environment. We have a large fleet of vacuum pump sewage tankers and a highly skilled servicing team.

    Grease trap cleaning and waste removal services

    We provide grease trap cleaning and grease removal services, helping our clients clean their facilities and maintain in compliance with regulations for food and beverage establishments and food processing facilities.

    Drain unblocking and cleaning services

    We provide technical services and high-pressure water jetting services, to deal with a range of drainage issues including clogged drainpipes, waste pipes, gullies, commercial pipes, investigating and removing bad odors, flooding, and emergency response.

  • Solutions

    Mechanical cleaning services

    Road sweeping vehicle

    We provide regular street cleaning and debris clearance services, utilizing a modern fleet of eco-friendly road sweeping vehicles equipped with rotating brushes, and high-powered vacuum systems with water sprinkling. Road sweeping is an essential service, helping to clean roads for safe and efficient access.

    Gully emptier vehicle

    We provide regular gully cleaning services, utilizing a modern fleet of gully emptier vehicles capable of sucking wastewater, mud, sludge, and debris from drain grids in street gutters. Gully emptying is an essential service, which mitigates risks of drain clogging, flooding, and mosquito breeding.

    Street washing vehicle

    Our street washing vehicles keep road networks safe from debris, with additional benefits of improving public hygiene conditions and reducing odors.  Street washing is an essential service, helping to maintain safe and accessible public roads.

    Truck-mounted attenuator

    Minimize the risk of roadside accidents and keep your workers safe by using a Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA), a safety apparatus attached to a work truck to mitigate risks of vehicle collision.

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ESS is an expert in liquid waste management, sanitation, and hygiene services. We partner with ESS to create safer, cleaner, and more sustainable environments for everyone.

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