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For Outdoor Events

Toilet solutions for event venues

Whether hosting outdoor exhibitions, concerts, markets, fairs, or large gatherings, we'll ensure that your venue is well equipped to manage all sanitation requirements, while providing the highest level of responsiveness for dispatch and cleaning requirements.

Maximize accessibility

Planning ahead to provide convenient access to units for special needs and elderly visitors, or families with young children. Shorten travel distance between the facilities and the event by using customized units that blend inconspicuously into the venue’s decor.

Electrical safety and maintenance

Our expert technical team takes the utmost level of precaution with regard to maintenance of electrical connections and fuse boxes to optimize on-site worker safety, access, and convenience. We frequently clean and maintain facilities for the safety and comfort of users.

Maximize availability

Working closely with event managers to provide sufficient supply of facilities to ensure queue times are minimized even during event peak usage times. Additional services are available to optimize cleaning convenience and hygiene standards, to ensure a customer satisfaction.

Tailor-made solutions for outdoor events

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Portable toilets and on-site services

Providing a wide range of customizable features, including basic, special needs, and other solutions, ESS portable toilet solutions can be tailored to your needs and space requirements.

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Customized container facilities

This series includes a range of customized sanitation facilities, with a range of calibrations and services including solar power, built-in freshwater and sewage-holding tanks, mains connections, ground preparation, and regular maintenance services.

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Liquid waste management

Providing reliable and efficient liquid waste collection and disposal services, including sewage and muddy water desludging, grease trap cleaning and waste removal, and drain clearance services.

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Mechanical cleaning services

Our fleet of specialized vehicles is capable of servicing a wide range of mechanical cleaning requirements.  Our fleet includes road sweepers, gully emptiers, street washers, and truck-mounted attenuators.

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Our Customers

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The restrooms are always the most active places in any event, especially outdoor ones. ESS ensured we had enough suitable portable waste facilities, including special needs toilets, and maintained these facilities’ cleanliness. Spotless and professional.

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