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Container Facilities

Tailored containerized restroom solutions

Containerized restroom facilities can be used as both a short-term or permanent solution, with  customizable features including freshwater tanks and sewage-holding tanks, solar energy systems, mains connectivity, ground preparation, and maintenance services.

Customizable design

Harmonize the facility by utilizing customized design to aesthetically match the local environment. Take advantage of a wide range of calibrations, including construction materials, size, shape, and features.

Service options

Wide range of service options including sewage desludging, fresh water supply and a full-time attendant or regular scheduled upkeep.

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Customized size
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Installation can be ready within 6 months
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Hygienic and self-sufficient


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Country parks

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Public transport

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Outdoor events

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open-air markets

Bespoke solutions

Tailor-made sanitation solutions

ESS can provide you with sanitation facilities, with a wide range of customizable features to deliver a solution that suits your requirements.

Portable shower rooms

An ideal option for remote-locations or other situations requiring standby emergency use, available with a wide range of configurations.

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Solar energy system

Utilizes a proprietary solar system including back-up power storage, ensuring reliable and continuous electricity supply from 100% renewable sources.

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Steel fabrication service

Customize an outdoor facility according to your needs, such as rest kiosks for staff, workstations, convenience stores, coffee shops, attendants' rooms, and guardhouses.

Customized services

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Sewage holding tank

Our sewage holding tanks range from 1m³ to 30m³ with customizable options including direct connection to sewage pumps or collection and disposal by ESS.

Freshwater tank

Maintain reliable access to water with superior tanks, available in sizes from 10 to 8,000 gallons. Each tank comes with an optional water pump and a range of material configuration choices, including fiberglass, stainless steel, and HDPE.

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Handwashing options

In-unit handwashing facilities promotes health and hygiene, while also providing convenience for users. Separate outdoors handwashing stations can also be installed where required. Our portable sink rentals come equipped with fresh water, soap and paper towels to provide a positive hand washing experience.

a bathroom with a mirror and sink

Semi-permanent handwashing amenities

Offering handwashing basins complete with mirrors is ideal for mitigating sanitation and hygiene risks at work sites, events, and gatherings. Our portable sink rentals come equipped with fresh water, soap and paper towels to provide a positive hand washing experience.

portable power

Portable power generation

Secure a reliable source of electricity wherever required by installing a portable power generator.

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Plumbing connection

Where available and specified, we can connect your customized container facility to the plumbing mains and water supply, creating a semi-permanent solution.

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Air-conditioned comfort

Install an air conditioning unit to keep portable facilities comfortable and to minimize odors.

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Ground preparation

When the ground needs to be modified for safety and stability, we can provide support to make this happen as part of projects such as installation of containerized washroom facilities.

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Rinse and wash room

We provide rinse and wash room facilities to dish washing requirements for outdoor events offering food and beverage.