Portable toilets

High Rise
portable toilet
portable toilet

Compact design to accommodate narrow spaces in construction sites, including high-rise projects.

portable toilet
portable toilet
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Convenient and access-friendly
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Low construction and maintenance cost
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Easy to install, ready to use within seven days


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Tailored on-site services

Whether connecting to electricity or sewage systems or delivering a customized level of service, we can provide a tailored solution that will fit your requirements.

Tailor-made sanitation solutions

ESS can provide you with sanitation facilities, with a wide range of customizable features to deliver a solution that suits your requirements.

Freshwater tank

Maintain reliable access to water with superior tanks, available in sizes from 10 to 8,000 gallons. Each tank comes with an optional water pump and a range of material configuration choices, including fiberglass, stainless steel, and HDPE.

a couple of sinks sit on a counter top

Handwashing options

In-unit handwashing facilities promotes health and hygiene, while also providing convenience for users. Separate outdoors handwashing stations can also be installed where required. Our portable sink rentals come equipped with fresh water, soap and paper towels to provide a positive hand washing experience.

Portable shower rooms

An ideal option for remote-locations or other situations requiring standby emergency use, available with a wide range of configurations.

portable power

Portable power generation

Secure a reliable source of electricity wherever required by installing a portable power generator.

a solar panel on a roof

Solar energy system

Utilizes a specially designed solar system including back-up power storage, ensuring reliable and continuous electricity supply from 100% renewable sources.

Other portable toilets

portable toilet basic


Simple and convenient, this basic series offers outstanding durability and comfort, and is available in sitting or squatting models. The basic option is the way to go when you need an economical portable toilet with comforting amenities.

portable toilet accesible


Designed for users with special needs or disabilities, this spacious facility easily accommodates wheelchair access and comes with or without solar capabilities.

portable toilet


Providing an eco-friendly solution, ideal for a wide range of locations, including areas with limited power connectivity. Our registered design solar toilets include a ventilation fan, automatic lighting, sink with running water, and are available in sitting and squatting models.