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cleaning service

Keeping the streets clean and safe

To meet a wide range of cleaning demands for venues, streets and roads, we offer a fleet of specialized vehicles, including road sweepers, gully emptiers, street washers, and truck-mounted attenuators.

Guarding street and road safety

Mitigate safety issues such as slippery footpaths, gravel cracking windshields, and unsightly objects caused by debris and litter that may obstruct highways, streets, and roads.

Increase cleaning efficiency

Mechanical cleaning vehicles allow for fast, safe, and efficient cleaning of highways, streets, and roads.

Road sweeping vehicle

We provide regular street cleaning and debris clearance services, utilizing a modern fleet of eco-friendly road sweeping vehicles equipped with rotating brushes, and high-powered vacuum systems with water sprinkling. Road sweeping is an essential service, helping to clean roads for safe and efficient access.

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Gully emptier vehicle

We provide regular gully cleaning services, utilizing a modern fleet of gully emptier vehicles capable of vacuuming wastewater, mud, and debris from drain grids in street gutters. Gully emptying is an essential service, which mitigates risks of drain clogging, flooding, and mosquito breeding.

Street washing vehicle

Our street washing vehicles keep road networks safe from debris and dust, with additional benefits of improving public hygiene conditions and reducing odors.

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Truck-mounted attenuator

Minimize the impact of roadside accidents and keep your workers safe by using a Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA), a safety apparatus attached to a work truck to mitigate risks of vehicle collision.

Customized service

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End-to-end, one-stop solution
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Remote location service
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Fully-equipped teams and fleet


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Streets and roads

Outdoor events

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Airport and
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